Social-Emotional Learning and Special Education: Helping Students and Families

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills to increase the number of students who succeed in their classes by developing a school wide environment that supports the social-emotional learning and other special needs of a diverse student population. It builds the capacity for school clinical staff, teachers, administrators, and teaching assistants to collectively create an environment that addresses the needs of students on IEPS, students on 504 plans, and other students who have social, emotional or academic skills deficits. We will explore the importance of SEL in both the home and school environment. The course will also address the impact of our current challenges by investigating the impact of trauma on teaching, living and learning in the era or a pandemic. It will also address the issues relating to implicit and unconscious bias and how awareness of these areas can contribute to development of SEL skills. We will also examine the topic of Executive Function and how students who may have a challenge in this area, frequently struggle with SEL skills as well.